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Isnin, Julai 30, 2012

Padam Semua Mesej Facebook dengan Satu Klik

In Facebook deleting all messages in not a easy task, to do this you have to delete each messages one by one. To delete the Facebook messages you first have to send each message to archive and then go to the archive folder to delete the messages permanently. If you have so many messages in your Facebook profile then it will take so much time to clear all these messages.
Now you can delete all your Facebook messages in one click with the help of Facebook Fast Delete Messages chrome addon. It’s a free addom available for chrome which creates a X button next to the archive button in your messages, allowing you to delete the messages quickly. Or you can delete all the message in one click with the “Delete All” option.
All you have to do is install the chrome addon on your Google chrome browser and login to your Facebook account to delete the messages. Below is the guide which help you to delete all Facebook messages in bulk.
Delete All Facebook Messages with One ClickHow to Delete All Facebook Messages
1. Go to the Facebook Fast Delete Messages addon page with your Chrome browser and install the addon on your chrome browser.
Install Facebook Fast Delete Messages Addon
Install Facebook Fast Delete Messages Addon
2. Now login to your Facebook profile and go to the messages and you can see the new Delete allButton on the top and also you the new red X button next to the messages. Now you can use these buttons to permanently delete your messages and conversations.
Delete All Message Option Visible
Delete All Message Option Visible
So with this chrome addon you can save your time to delete all the messages in one click, but be careful before when you are doing this on your Facebook profile, no confirmation or warning message will be displayed. You can install the Facebook Fast Delete Messages from the link below.

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