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Khamis, Mei 15, 2014

Bagaimana Matikan & Buang Sistem Apps dari Android (tanpa 'root')

All the latest android smartphone comes with lots of System apps which you will most likely never use and most of the user want to uninstall them form their device. All these application are called bloatware or pre-installed system applications. If you are the Samsung, LG or Sony Android user then you can see lots of these application on your device, but can’t find the option to uninstall them.

These apps take up a huge amount of space and resources making your device slower and draining your device’s battery. Today in this tutorial we’ll show you how you can disable all these app and uninstall them easily from your device and get more storage on your phone.

In the below guide we show you the two different method which you can apply on your device. Once is for the rooted users and one for the uprooted users.


1st Method: Disabling the apps (without rooting):- This guide will work on all android device running on Android 4.2. or higher. By disabling, the apps aren’t uninstalled, you will hide them so you won’t see them on your home screen and and consume your battery power. To get started Open up the Settings app Navigate to Apps and hit the “more” tab. Here you can see the list of the android app which are installed on your device. Tap on the “All” Tab to see the list of system apps. Look for an app you want to remove and press “Disable” - See the screenshot below:-

That’s all the app is disabled and it will not run in the background.

2nd Method: Use NoBloat App (Rooted Users)- This method will work only for the rooted users, with rooted device you can do lots of task easily on your Android.
a) Go to the Google Play store and install the NoBloat Free app on your phone.
b) Run the application and select all the system app one by one form the app screen and remove all of them with a single click.
That’s it! Now all the system apps are permanently remove form your phone or tablet.

Cara Pasang 'Paid Android Apps' Dengan Percuma

In Google play store you can find lots of useful application and game which you can download n your device, But most of them are paid one and to install those app you have to pay some amount. Today in this tutorial we’ll show you how you can enjoy lots of paid apps on your android without paying a small penny. To enjoy all these app on your device all you have to install some apps or register with some websites. Without taking so much lets take a look how to get the paid apps.

Get Paid apps for free

1. Install the Amazon App store and A Paid App free - Once of the largest app store for android, here you can find lots of useful app for your devices. The Amazon App-store includes a free app a day feature. Here you will install one paid app for free for Every day. To activate this servcie all you have to install the amazon app on your device and enjoy paid app with zero cost. To get started visit this link ( on your device and follow all the instructions.
Once the setup process is done on Amazon account you can start enjoying the paid apps for free.

2. Discover and play PAID apps and games for FREE With Getjar Android App
- Another best to enjoy the paid app are to install the free android application called Getjar. With the helps of this app you can download paid apps for free by saving the Getjar Gold that comes for free. Download some of the free games or app from the Getjar app and you will earn some free credit to buy the premium android apps.
Download the Getjar app from the Playstore link
We tested all the above mentioned method on our device and tested some of the best paid application on our android devices. You have to must try this method on your device an enjoy lots of premium apps on your device with zero cost.