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Isnin, Januari 28, 2013

Rekod Panggilan Video Skype Dengan Perakam Video Percuma Skype

Skype is one of the most downloaded and popular tool for video calls. Most of the users are using it for video calls and chat with friends and families. The best part of the app is that it was available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you are a skype user and looking for a free tool which helps you to record Skype video calls easily. So your wait is over, now today we come with a new app Free Video Call Recorder for Skype.
The app is free to download and presently available for Windows machines. Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is an absolutely free application for recording Skype calls without any limitations. It has a very simple interface. With the help of this free app you can start recording video calls with your friend. One of the best feature we like is that it has no time limit, so that means you can record calls without any limit and save them into in MP4/MP3 format, so that they can easily be played on any media player you use.
Free Video Call Recorder for Skype
With the help of this free app you can record calls in the following modes Picture-in-picture (the program records audio and video of all sides of the conversation), only video of second party or audio of both sides. So it depends on which mode you choose to record the calls. All you have to choose the mode from the application and hit the “Start” Button to start the recording.
After you press the “Start” button, Free Video Call Recorder For Skype will silently record your voice or video call until you hang up or manually stop recording. Once you stop the recording, it will be saved into the output folder. From here you can play the record file on any of your multimedia player.

Bagaimana Untuk Blok Panggilan Yang Tidak Diingini dalam Android

“Do you need a Personal loan” or “Congrats you win the lottery” are you getting these type of messages and call on your mobile number. These days most of the mobile users are getting these type of spam calls and messages on there mobile phone. If you are an Android mobile user, than you can block these types of unwanted call and text messages on your mobile phone.
Block Unwanted Calls
Mr. Number is one of the most popular and free android app, with four million users. Which is one of the best app to block these type spam call and spam messages. The app allows users to manage phone and text messages by organizing their conversations and contacts, identifying who is welcome and unknown numbers. With this app you can block calls and texts from one person, an area code or the entire world.
Reverse Lookup
Reverse Lookup
The app has lots of new feature, Reverse Lookup is one of them. Reverse Lookup allows you to get more information about mobile numbers and landlines in the US. So you can know about the caller or the comany who text you. These way you can identify the person, The first 20 Lookups are free; additional Lookups can be purchased through the app (20 for 99 cents).
Block texts and calls
Block texts and calls
You can block unwanted numbers by using the block features on the app. Create a list of block numbers or texts from one person, a business, anyone you don’t know, or an entire area code. No this way you can block all unwanted call and messages on your mobile.
Video: How to block unwanted calls and prank callers on Android
The app is free to download and you can download it from Google play store. With this way you can block all spam calls and messages on your mobile phone.

'Backup' dan 'Restore' Data-data Aplikasi Windows 8 Dengan Mudah

In Windows 8 you can install lots of application and games from Windows App store. With this way you can enjoy lots of new apps on your Windows 8 PC. If in future you plan to reinstall Windows 8, so at that time you will lost all your Apps and games data like settings, levels, game Progress etc. It’s a very difficult task to locate the individual app data and manually back up its data.
But now you can backup and restore all your Windows 8 App data with a free utility Windows 8 Apps Data Backup. Which allows you to takes the backup of whole data of apps and games from your Windows 8 PC, so you can restore them easily on your PC. It’s a free application for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro users that you can use to backup data from some or all applications to the local drive of your computer.
All you have to download the app and install it on your Windows 8 PC and after the installation launch the app and you are ready to backup and restore Windows 8 App data with a one click. On the main screen of the app it has two option backup or restore. Click the backup button to take the backup of data from your PC.
Clicking the backup button displays the list of installed Windows 8 apps, from here you can select the list of apps and games which you want to be backed up. Or you can Select all button to quickly mark all the apps in the list.
Windows 8 Apps Data Backup
Now hit the Backup Button and choose the local directory where you want to save the apps data backup in. The backup data will save in ZIP format to save space.
If you want to restore the data on your Windows 8 PC, follow the same above process and click the Restore button and then select the source file that you saved on your local PC drive.
Note: To restore the App data on your Windows 8 PC, first you have to install list of apps for which data was backed up. So double check you have already installed all the apps before attempting to restore their data. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup tool backups only Modern apps and data used these apps and not your desktop programs.
The app works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8. We tested this App on Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit edition and it works smoothly.

Isnin, Januari 07, 2013

Koleksi Gambar Latarbelakang / Background Picture Bing 2012

Datangnya tahun 2013, membuatkan saya ingin terus menyambung koleksi gambar-gambar Bing yang terdahulu dan paling baru ialah pastinya koleksi gambar-gambar Bing tahun 2012...

Apa itu Bing??? bolelah tengok pos saya yang terdahulu di Koleksi Gambar Latarbelakang (background) Bing 2010  dan Koleksi Gambar Latarbelakang / Background Picture Bing 2011 ..hee

#Ini adalah salah satu gambar yang terdapat dalam koleksi ini:

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