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Selasa, Mac 25, 2014

Pindah Mesej Lama Whatsapp Ke Telefon Android Baru (Backup)

To get started first you have to back up all of your Whatsapp messages on your old mobile phone and after that you have to move all those backup files on your new android smartphone. To do this all you have to connect your device with the PC and a file explorer app to create the Whatsapp directory on the new Android mobile.

Transfer Old Whatsapp Messages

Backup WhatsApp Messages

Open the WhatsApp messaging app on your old smartphone and then press the Menu key and tap the settings. In Setting menu you will see lots of options, click on the “Chat Settings” and then Tap “Backup Conversations”. See the screenshot below:-
Backup WhatsApp Messages
Now the backup file is saved on your Whatsapp folder.

Export WhatsApp Messages to New Android

Connect your Old Android mobile to the PC with USB cable and copy the Whatsapp folder on your desktop. You can find the WhatsApp folder on your phones Internal Storage.
Now move the “WhatsApp” Folder on your New Android device and install the WhatsApp app form the Google play store. Now Open Whatsapp messenger, the Welcome screen will appear just click on I Agree and Continue.
Enter your mobile number to complete the setup process. Once the setup process is done, WhatsApp will automatically detect the old backup files that you move on your phone. Now hit the “Restore” Option and all your old messages are saved on your new mobile with all contacts details and chats.