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Isnin, Mac 19, 2012

Bagaimana Tahu Gmail Hacked/Digodam atau Tidak

If you are a Gmail user and always worried about your Gmail account, Is your Gmail Account Hacked or not. All of us are using Gmail Account these days and your Gmail account can contain a lot of personal information, from bank alerts to other important information.
So you don,t want to share all these information with others. And most of the time you worried abouthacking of your Gmail Account. But with this simple way you can check your Gmail Account is Hacked or not.
Google Gmail has a new feature which helps you know about the activity of your Gmail account, From that you know when and from which IP you are using your Gmail Account. This will helps you to track the Activity of your Gmail Account. And help you to know your Gmail Account is hacked or not or someone is accessing your account.
Gmail Account Hacked

Steps to Check Gmail Account Hacked or Not

To check this login to your Gmail Account with your user ID and password. At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll see information about the time of the last activity on your account and whether it’s still open in another location:
Gmail Account Last Activity
Gmail Account Last Activity
Now Click The Details and New Window Will Open. Which will give you all the details about your Login time and IP from which you login.
Gmail Last Logins
Gmail Last Logins
The top table, under “Recent Activity,” indicates all open sessions, along with IP address and “access type” — which refers to how email was retrieved, for example, through iGoogle, POP3 or a mobile phone. You can also view your current IP address at the very bottom of this window, where it says “This computer is using IP address
With this information, you can check your Gmail Account Activity, and Know that your Gmail Account Hacked or not by tracking the Login Time, Browser Type and IP Address.

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