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Isnin, Disember 26, 2011

3 Cara Terbaik Untuk 'Recover' Laptop yang Dicuri

A Laptop has lots of things like your Data, Files, Emails, Password and more. Though, it’s a most expensive piece of hardware that you absolutely do not want to lose. There are so many free app are available on the internet which helps you to recover your lost or stolen Laptops easily.
These free app helps you to remotely monitor your stolen laptop, retrieving screenshots, webcam pictures, and Wi-Fi hotspot information that you can use to track down your property. It’s open source, it’s free. So today here will show 3 best ways to Recover your Stolen or lost laptop.

1. Prey Project

recover stolen laptop
Prey is free theft tracking and recovery software that really works in case of laptop stolen. It’s lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use. It has lots of feature like Like Alarm alerts, Lock the laptop, Get Screenshot in your mail and more.
Worried about your stolen Laptop, how to recover your stolen Laptop. Now you can easily Recover your stolen laptop with Prey App. Prey is free theft tracking and recovery software that really works in case of laptop stolen. It allows you to gather information regarding the device’s location, hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on it. Check out the Guide Below How To Track and Recover Your Stolen Laptop With Prey App
2. Now Create a new User Account entering your info.
3. After this You will receive an activation link in you mail box to log in to Control Panel. And login with Your User ID and Pass.
4. Now in Control Panel You can See Your Laptop, In future you can also add more devices by ClickingAdd more Device Button
5. Now go to the Setting panel and Activate activate your protection Like Alerts, Webcam, Screenshot, Lock PC, Alert and all.
6. If you Lost your Laptop than go to Setting Panel and Turn the Missing Option to ON, to get the Detail Report about your Stolen Laptop.

2. LockItTight

Lock It Tight offers a service similar to Prey project. LockItTight tracks the location of your computers. In addition, it saves screen and camera shots on our server. You can access these information from any computer.
Features of “LockItTight”:
Location tracking:
· Once installed and configured on your computer, LockItTight client software will report the location of your computer to LockItTight server at a specified interval. After logging in, you will be able to see the locations of your computer on Google map. You’d be amazed by the precision of the mapping!
Computer screen capturing:
· Once installed and configured on your computer, LockItTight client software will capture and report the computer screen to LockItTight server at a specified interval. The information from screen captures will include, but not limit to, the website the thief was browsing, the email the thief was writing or reading, the name, home address and other important information from screen captures.
Webcam capturing:
· If your computer equipped with a webcam, LockItTight client software will take a shot and send the picture to LockItTight server at at a specified interval. The chance is very high to actually see the face of the thief who took your computer. You then is able to use it as evidence along with other information LockItTight client collected to retrieve your lost computer.
Auto Updating:
· You don’t have to reinstall LockItTight Client software each time by hand to keep up with the latest and greatest features. The Client software will verify its current version (and each one of its modules) and will automatically fetch and update everything for you.

3. Locate your laptop

stolen laptop
Locate My Laptop allows the user to track the location of a stolen computer from any other device with Internet access. It also offers you the ability to delete the data remotely from anywhere on your registered laptop computer, if it is ever lost or goes missing.

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