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Isnin, Disember 19, 2011

10 Pengimbas Virus Percuma 'Online' Terbaik

Antivirus are not only the desktop apps which will help you to scan your PC. There are several online antivirus scanners which allows you the same. Online virus scanners are easy to use and no need to install the app on your PC. Just run the online scanner from the browser. And yes some time your antivirus is not helpful with some Virus and Malware. In such situation, the best you can do is use something that free and fast.
So am here posting 10 best Online Scanners which are free and easy to use.
1. BitDefender – An online version of the BitDefender software. Will scan your drives, files, and boot sector. Works only with Internet Explorer.
2. Computer Associates Malware Scanner – Browse your drives for a file you suspect of being malware and upload it for their scanner to check it for you.
3. ESET – Online malware scanner. With just an acceptance of ESET’s TOS, you can scan your PC for known malware including viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing, and spyware.
4. NanoScan - NanoScan is an new and fast online virus scanner developed by Panda Software. It takes only 1-2 minutes to scan your whole PC. NanoScan is a free online solution that detects different kind of malware that could be running on the computer.
5. McAfee FreeScan - McAfee FreeScan is a great virus scanner using the award-winning McAfee Scan Engine. Uses ActiveX component
6. Avast - Online version of popular antivirus software Avast will scan individual files of up to 512kb in size.
7. TrendMicro - Scans for Viruses and Malware. It also scans for vulnerabilities and and fixes them to prevent re-infestation.
8. JottiUses several scanners at once to scan files that you upload to detect malware that may be hidden.
9. Panda Security - Searches your system for worms, viruses, trojans and more after a small Active X download.
10. F-Secure - Simple virus scan from web. Uses ActiveX components

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