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Rabu, Ogos 24, 2011

Top 5 Aplikasi Percuma Menukar YouTube ke MP3

YouTube is a great place to listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere! Almost every song is available on YouTube, of course if you’re connected to the Internet. In case of weak connection or buffering troubles, listening to music online seems impossible. So why not create an offline collection of your selected music in MP3 format? Here is the roundup of 5 free tools which can assist you with YouTube to MP3 conversion.


This is one of the the most popular web services delivering free Mp3 downloads from YouTube and other video portals. To launch the service you need to install Java applet or add a special extension to your Firefox browser. If not too much advertising that hinders the main functionality, this website could become one of my favourites! Still I’d recommend it for an occasional use as a good alternative to desktop software.

2. Freemake Video Downloader

This is an awesome YouTube to MP3 converter with a lot of helpful functions. It not only encodes YouTube to MP3 but can also extract original audio tracks from YouTube videos. The downloader comes with handy plugins for Firefox and Chrome which allow users to convert YouTube to MP3 with one click only. The softwate is easy to navigate and it doesn’t impose any advertising. However, only Windows users can benefit from this great tool, as there’s no Mac or Linux support.

3. Vdownloader

This is another desktop app for Windows users that has two versions – free and Plus. The free version lets get fast video and MP3 downloads from YouTube and similar websites. The premium version promises faster speed and more control over the output. The multi-language interface is clean and easy to use. However, the long procedure of software download with hidden links and captchas, Ask toolbar and DriverScanners within the installation overweigh the pluses of this software.

4. DVDVideoSoft’s Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

This is a good example of one-feature software to download YouTube videos as MP3s. No excessive functionality, simple layout and fast MP3 downloads urge users to choose this utility out of its competitors. However, an additional toolbar that is automatically installed after the software closing makes me rather opt out.


This is one more online service offfering a wide range of functions. It allows users to convert not only YouTube videos to MP3 format but any online and desktop files to a variety of video, audio, image, document and archive formats. The only inconvenience is that you need to enter your email and wait till the link with the converted file will be sent to your inbox. I waited for about 20 minutes for my MP3 file, cute!

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