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Isnin, Mei 14, 2012

Menyembunyikan / Buang Timeline Facebook Dalam Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer

If you don’t like the new Facebook Timeline feature and want to hide or remove the Facebook timeline from your Facebook profile or Facebook pages, then you have to try a new addon from Timeline remove.
Most of the user don’t like the new Facebook timeline feature and want to remove them, so this one is the best and easiest method to do it. The best part of this app is that it will work on any browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. All you have to do is install the addon in your favorite browser and remove Facebook timeline from your Facebook Profile and Facebook pages. Follow the steps below to install the Facebook timeline removal addon on your browser.
HideRemove Facebook Timeline In Any BrowserHow to Hide/Remove Facebook Timeline In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
Step 1. Visit to install the addon on your browser.
Install Timeline Remove Addon
Install Timeline Remove Addon
Step 2. After the installation restart your browser to see the changes on your Facebook timeline. Now your Facebook timeline is removed from your Facebook profile and Facebook pages. Check the screenshot below.
Facebook timeline before the installation of the addon:-
Facebook timeline after the installation of the addon:-
That’s it now you can enjoy your Facebook without the Timeline feature. To enable the Facebook timeline you have to disable addon to view Facebook’s Timeline once again. In Firefox Go to Addon and disable the Timeline, remove addon and in Google Chrome go to Setting > Extensionand remove the Timeline Remove extension.
Check out the Video below How to remove Facebook Timeline:-
Timeline Remove addon works exactly as its designed, so try the addon and remove the Facebook timeline form your Facebook. Also let us know why you hate the Facebook timeline feature? Share your thoughts about the addon.

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Deactivatekan terus je. macam saya. abis cite

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Tq for the info :))

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Good info dik,,nnti saya cuba.. klu ok nak share info ni boleh !