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Selasa, Februari 07, 2012

Nokia Belle Official Update Sudah Keluar!!!

Setelah berbulan-bulan menunggu, akhirnya Nokia C7 saya dapat pon 'major update' Nokia Belle daripada update terdahulu 'Symbian Anna'. Pastinya prestasi yang terbaik saya harapkan daripada Belle berbanding Anna. Tidak sabar rasanya update di Nokia Care Centre sementara waranty masih ada..hehe
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7
Nokia N8
Nokia E6
Nokia E7
Nokia X7
Nokia 500
Update coming soon
Nokia Oro

The long-awaited Belle update for older Nokias that launched with Symbian^3 has started rolling out. We received tons of tips (thanks everyone!) and when we plugged in our Nokia N8, Ovi Suite immediately found an update.
The update is version 111.030.0609, the latest available version of Nokia Belle, even for the Nokia 701. That means that owners of an N8, E7, X7, C7, E6, C6-01 and Oro will be on par software-wise with phones that launched with Belle.
The update for the Nokia 500 will be delayed a few weeks.
Anyway, the update came a day earlier than expected. It's available in the following countries: India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, UK, Germany, Italy, Vietnam and Malaysia. There are others too, you can check the availability here.
Here's a promo video that shows you how to update and what you'll be getting:

Check if it's available for your phone and don't forget to drop us a line in the comments with your model and region.

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