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Sabtu, Julai 30, 2011

RealDownloader: Cara Terpantas Untuk 'Download' Video dalam talian

RealDownloader is one of the fastest and easiest way to download online video on your Desktop. Its a One click download tool which allows you to download video from hundred of websites like,,,,,,, and more. It’s easy to use just install the RealDownloader app and it automatically detects when you navigate to a Website containing embedded videos.
After the download you can see the see the “Download This Video” on Online website videos page (See the screenshot below). Click on that Button and video will be downloaded on your PC.
Highlights of the Free RealDownloader
  • Download web videos with just one click
  • Works with thousands of websites
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously
  • Works with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Lets users share videos with friends and family with just one click by posting a link to the webpage displaying the video on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, or through email
  • Save and watch videos offline at a later time
  • Download and enjoy online videos without buffering issues
  • RealDownloader also offers a light video viewer

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