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Isnin, Jun 20, 2011

Bagaimana Untuk Jejak dan Peroleh Semula Laptop Anda Yang Telah Dicuri

Worried about your stolen Laptop, how to recover your stolen Laptop. Now you can easily Recover your stolen laptop with Prey App. Prey is free theft tracking and recovery software that really works in case of laptop stolen. It allows you to gather information regarding the device’s location, hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on it. Check out the Guide Below How To Track and Recover Your Stolen Laptop With Prey App
2. Now Create a new User Account entering your info.
3. After this You will receive an activation link in you mail box to log in to Control Panel. And login with Your User ID and Pass.
4. Now in Control Panel You can See Your Laptop, In future you can also add more devices by Clicking Add more Device Button
5. Now go to the Setting panel and Activate activate your protection Like Alerts, Webcam, Screenshot, Lock PC, Alert and all.
6. If you Lost your Laptop than go to Setting Panel and Turn the Missing Option to ON, to get the Detail Report about your Stolen Laptop.

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